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Scar Tissue Release

We all have scars in one form or another. Physical, emotional, psychological. What most people don't know is, massage can help with all of these.

Healing touch can calm the mind and allow our brains to recover. It can help us regulate our emotions. Even hands on bodywork can help release the physical scars that are binding our tissues together and trapping emotions inside our body.

Let's talk about scar tissue release!

Scar Tissue Release - releases the fascia by separating and realigning the adhered tissues of the scar. This technique not only improves the function of the muscles and other tissues around the scar, but can also result in a dramatic improvement in the appearance of the scar itself.

Scar tissue treatment is a critical component of eliminating pain and optimizing physical performance.

How are scars formed?

Scars are formed when we damage our fascia (connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place) which creates scar tissue and adhesions. The scar tissue can spread in any direction from where it originates restricting how our joints move and organs function. A scar is like an iceberg. Sometimes what you see on the surface is only a small portion of the tissue involved.

Restrictions of tissues and movement is not really a good things. We need our tissues to freely glide within our bodies. When they don't this can put abnormal strain on the body, its joints, your muscles, nerves, veins and arteries causing pain and dysfunction.

Scar Tissue Release addresses the restrictions in the fascia by lengthening fibers, manipulating the scar tissue and breaking down adhesions — from the superficial to that which is located more deeply within the body.

Any scar over 3 months old (that has closed appropriately) can be worked on.

Scars such as:


Knee Surgery



Plastic Surgery

and many more!

If you've lived with a scar for quite some time you might not even know how restricted your tissues could be. For instance, a lot of C-Sections and abdominal surgeries pull the abdominal area down causing restriction of the diaphragm and ultimately making it hard to take a full deep breath. To address this we would work on the scar itself as well as the abdominal muscles, including the diaphragm. Usually just one session of this work and clients can breathe easier and more deeply.

We would love to help you address the scars in your life. To add Scar Tissue Release in your next massage please choose this as an add-on to your regular massage session.

As Always,

Here's to your health!

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