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Massage can change your life!

Just ask Judy. She came into Salveo in 2021 and enjoyed a couples massage with her partner Eric. During the massage, our owner, Amber felt a grape-sized bump near her armpit that caused her to pause and evaluate. This was a bump that didn't feel like muscle at all.

Amber brought this to Judy's attention and had her feel the area with her own hand. Amber told her she didn't know

what it was but would be worth mentioning to her doctor at her next appointment.

Judy was concerned and made an appointment the next week. After her exam with the doctor and tests they discovered the bump was an enlarged lymph node. The job of our lymph nodes

is to filter and fight pathogens. In Judy's case the lymph node was fighting cancer cells.

Here's the KCRG story that was aired November 2022 about Judy's story.

Massage can be so much more than just a massage! It's our honest opinion that because massage therapists have the privilege of spending 60 or more minutes with each client- in the same room, working with the b

ody, listening to the person and what their body needs, that they are in a unique position and should be considered a legitimate adjunct to traditional medicine.

We just want to thank Judy for trusting us with her care and are glad we could be of service when she needed us.

As always,

Here's to your health.

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