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How Is Your Self-Care?

We're getting to the close of 2022 and starting to get busier with holiday commitments. Are you ready? Are you overwhelmed? Really.......How are you?

So much has happened this year that might have you feeling stressed, stretched thin (physically, emotionally and financially), or just down in the dumps.

It's time to make a shift

Now is the time to make sure you're taking care of yourself. If you wait until you're overwhelmed with the holiday rush it might be too late! Sleep, movement and nutrition are foundational and I'm hoping you're doing your best with all three.

  • Strive for 7 hours of sleep each day

  • Move your body intentionally for at least 20 minutes

  • Eat whole and healthy foods - don't forget your water too!

Once you have these habits met its time to add more.

Add another layer

Add some quiet time or meditation into your day to clear the "clutter" in your mind. This doesn't have to take long! Next, schedule your next massage session to clear the "clutter" from your body. Find the space and time for both!

"When you don't receive intentional therapeutic touch for a long time, you can easily forget the mastery massage therapists have."

Are you making excuses?

We all have things that end up "getting in the way" of us taking better care of ourselves. The people who show up for themselves consistently and make time for their daily self-care are the ones who have figured out WHY it matters to them.

What most people think is self-care is actually after-care.

Why should you get 7 hours of sleep? So you can be more alert and have more energy to do the important things you need to do today.

Why should you move your body? Because you know if you don't you'll have a harder time doing the fun physical things you love to do.

Why should you eat healthy foods? So your body can function at its best and not have to constantly battle the crappy foods that can cause inflammation.

Why do you take the time to sit quietly or meditate? Because the benefits of slowing down your mind allow you to make good decisions and keep your anxiety or emotions in check.

Why do you get a massage each month? Because you've never thought to yourself, "I have a massage scheduled today and I'd rather be doing something else."

I joke, but seriously. Massage can have so many benefits that aren't just about the physical body. Healing is the why and we can all use more of that.

Own your life

So, how is your self-care?

If you have things in your life causing you stress, dis-ease, or worry- take it upon yourself to figure out the WHY and what you can do each day to keep your mind, body and soul flouishing.

And when in doubt, get a massage!

Here's to your health!

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