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Christey Sharpshair is a Licensed Acupuncturist that practices not only acupuncture but holistic healthcare through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM includes cupping, food and herbal therapy using a patient-centerd and therapeutic approach. 

Neck Therapy
Neck Therapy


Acupuncture sessions generally include the use of needles inserted into the skin. A key component of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is most commonly used to treat pain. Increasingly, it is being used for overall wellness, including stress management. Christey is known for her gentle approach to acupuncture and helps each person feel at ease while getting treated. Most of the time clients are surprised at how they "didn't feel" the needles at all! If you're nervous about acupuncture please reach out and have a consultation with Christey to see if acupuncture will be a good fit for you health and pain needs. 


Wondering whether acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine is right for you? Contact Christey directly to get your questions answered to determine if acupuncture would be a good fit for your health related goals. 

Acupuncture Tools
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