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Rina Jensen
Mind-Fitness Coach

Hi! I'm Rina

A pitbull mom, mentor, coach, cheerleader and friend. Authentic and courageous. Most importantly, genuine in my excitement for your success.

My Story



Resilience is what we develop when we overcome obstacles. The more difficult or traumatic, the more resilient we become.


The definition I have on the back of my business card is: The ability to become strong, healthy or successful again after something bad happens.


We won’t ‘bounce back’ from a thing because we’ll be forever changed by it, but we will have a new found strength. We become a survivor or a person with grit and drive and dedication.


We stop being the person we were.




The person we become has the ability to help others, when the person we were may not have been.


Sometimes we find our purpose in the pain. 

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