Trapeze Yoga

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What is Trapeze Yoga?

Are Trapeze Yoga and Aerial Yoga the same?

While Trapeze Yoga may seem intimidating, it is actually a fun and relaxing workout for all ages and skill levels. No prior yoga experience is needed although you will notice a lot of mat based yoga poses can be adapted in Trapeze Yoga very nicely. In fact harder poses in a mat based yoga class are usually much more achievable in Trapeze Yoga as you can evenly distribute your weight in a way not possible in traditional mat based yoga. 

Aerial Yoga only has the sling whereas Trapeze Yoga has both Handles and the Sling to allow for more versatility and more fun poses. Aerial Yoga is also geared more towards Performers and Athletes and is a bit more complex, still just as much fun though!


What is the Trapeze Bootcamp?

What does it come with?

Trapeze Bootcamp is the prerequisite for any of the Trapeze Yoga classes at Salveo. This is for safety and for flow of class as you will be learning to Tame the Trapeze. You will be learning the basics such as terminology, anatomy of the sling, and how to feel safe and comfortable in your sling. I do mean YOUR Sling as every Trapeze Bootcamp comes with your very own Yogabody Pro Trapeze Yoga Sling. This allows you to practice at home as well as at our studio and is also for safety so that we are not sharing equipment during a time of social distancing. The Trapeze Bootcamp is every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:45 or 7pm for 4 weeks totaling in 8 classes. Just remember “T” is for Trapeze!

Trapeze Bootcamp Value

Early bird sign up (limited to the month before) BootCamp for only $249 ($50 off) Regularly $299

8 Classes ($200 value) + Yogabody Pro Trapeze Sling ($150 value) = $350  


When are regular classes?

Monday at Noon (Sign up required)

Tuesday at 4pm (Drop in)

Wednesday at Noon (Sign in required)

Thursday at 4pm (Drop in)

You MUST complete Bootcamp before you can come to a regular class. We do this in order to keep the flow of class going with minimal interruptions for instruction.