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YOGA: I love to hate it!

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Why is this lady smiling? Is she actually having fun?! I don't think I've ever really smiled during a yoga class (unless someone farted because farts are funny).

In fact, I have to concentrate so hard just to not fall over that I don't even know why I go. Actually, I do know why. I end up feeling pretty great after.

So why is it such a struggle to show up?


I have no excuse...

I literally built a yoga studio and don't usually work during the times that we have yoga classes. I can go for free, I LOVE our instructors.....and let's be real here. I need it.

But why tho?

Why can't I convince myself to make yoga a priority and fit it into my schedule? Maybe because I tend to drown my feeling at night with Netflix. But with shows like Schitt's Creek why wouldn't you? I kid because I love the show but in reality......

Maybe as a small business owner I feel the need to always be doing "something", even if that "something" isn't very productive. It's keeping me busy and that equals success....right?

Or, if I take the 60 minutes out on my evenings I'm robbing my husband and my kids of time with me. Because, apparently I flatter myself that they even want to spend time with a grouchy, overworked, overly tired, stressed-out mom...


The fact is, even being surrounded by healers, wellness therapies and every single opportunity to do something to take care of myself, I put myself last. And when I put myself last, I put those closest to me even farther down the list of priorities because if I'm not taking care of myself, how can I even show up for them?

Oh I'll show up (I say to myself), don't worry about that. But which version of me is showing up? The tired one? The mean one? The yelly one? The stressed one? The one who snaps "WHAT?!" every time someone says MOM?

I struggle to go to yoga because I don't think I need it but every time I drag myself to class I feel like its exactly what I needed! I'm loose, I'm relaxed, I'm stretched out, I'm BREATHING. I feel great.

Yoga has the power to do that for me, when I actually go. So I've compiled a list of benefits I personally see.

  • It helps me with dropping my cortisol and blood pressure which helps my whole body system relax.

  • It gives my lungs room to breathe which puts my mind and heart at ease.

  • It supports my connective tissues and keeps my muscles, joints and tendons loose which helps ease tension and pain.

  • It brings body awareness to tight areas that might need more attention later.

  • It ultimately helps me sleep deeper and better because I took the time to look inward and settle into all the emotions I've been feeling, which gives me permission to let them go.

I've listed these benefits, not as reasons to convince YOU to do yoga more often but as reasons I needed to see. Writing it down usually brings things full-circle for me and solidifies my WHY.

So, why do you practice yoga?

Is it to move more? Decrease stress? Get out of the house and away from the kids? Because you actually like it? Because your friend drags you there kicking and screaming?

If you don't know how yoga could benefit you I'd encourage you to try a few classes. If not in our office then somewhere close to you. Try it and see how you feel after. It could be just the thing you need.


As Always,

Here's to your health!

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