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Stand alone HydroTherapy sessions can be booked online.

If you would like to combine your HydroTherapy session with another service please call the office to book.

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New Service: HydroMassage

 30 min massage session followed by a 25 min soak! $65

HydroTherapy is a wonderful addition to the following:

  • Before or after a massage

  • Before an acupuncture session

  • Before or after yoga

  • Come with a friend for a couples soak

  • Combine your couples soak with a couples massage


The healing benefits of water have been appreciated for centuries and in ancient times, people used the curing powers of natural hot springs.

Hydrotherapy simply means the use of water in a therapeutic way, and includes the use of warm water. When you immerse yourself in warm water, you receive a number of health benefits: your body temperature increases and you perspire. The skin’s pores open, blood vessels are diluted and blood is diverted to the skin — hence the flushed, rosy-faced look. This sweat process encourages the body’s toxic wastes to be eliminated via the open pores.

Hydrotherapy also uses water massage via water jets directed onto your body. This type of massage increases blood circulation and delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the soft tissues. The lymphatic system is also activated giving a generous boost to the immune system and massage on cellulite prone areas helps to break down the fatty deposits and lessen its appearance.

During a hydrotherapy treatment, another health benefit is in the release of endorphins — the body’s natural hormones which give us a sense of well being. They also block pain and boost the immune system. And let’s not forget the mental benefits achieved during this therapy including stress relief and a spring clean of the mind which helps you to sleep well

Your muscles will be wonderfully relaxed and ready for a traditional massage with a spa therapist.

So when you’re next in the spa, whether you are seeking relaxation, detoxification or a great massage, try out the hydrotherapy areas and you will leave feeling de-stressed and relaxed, and able to sleep like a baby.